Welcome to Crannog Farm

Scottish Blackface Sheep

and Shiloh Shepherds

About our horses...... we are now down to just one.  Sadly, we lost Chance to old age related issues in February 2021 and Zoe in October 2020 to health problems she came with (Cushings, I.R. and laminitis) when we purchased her in 2016.  Both are missed.

Belle, my mare, is a registered Morgan. She's liver chestnut in colour. She oozes personality She's very tactile - everything has to be felt with her lips and if we happen to leave hammers or other tools lying around while she's around you'll find her sauntering around with something in her mouth. She's a great trail horse with lots of stamina and no "spook" in her. Even after having her for 15 yrs I still can't believe she's mine. She's a great horse. In recent years she's been designated the grandkids' horse of choice for "horsey rides" - a role she's taken in her stride. She's dependable and level headed, a safe bet to lead the smaller children around on.

Herby was our younger son's pony growing up but when our son outgrew him 18 yrs ago we decided he'd earned his retirement.  Herby passed in September 2015 at the age of 38. He is greatly missed.