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Scottish Blackface Sheep

We’ve been raising sheep since 1991. Our first breed was the Southdown. While we really enjoyed raising them, our move to a more hilly location set us on the search for a breed more suited to a varied topography and less than prime grazing. After looking at different breeds and not being “hooked” on any of them I recalled seeing sheep grazing on marginal pasture in the west of Ireland. A quick search online and they had a name – Scottish Blackface! That was in 2001 and we’ve been raising them ever since.

Scottish Blackface ewes are great mothers and easy lambers rarely requiring assistance at lambing time. Lambs are vigorous and are usually up and nursing within five minutes of birth. Our ewes mostly produce twins with occasional triplets being born. Yearling ewes who lamb out typically have singles. Ram lambs are sexually mature at about six months old, and more than capable of servicing a flock at that age.

Scottish Blackface are a very hardy breed, resistant to a number of conditions sometimes seen in sheep (including foot rot). They thrive in conditions where other breeds would have trouble surviving. They are agile and sure-footed. They will eat brambles, thistles, nettles, broom and wild roses, often ignoring grass until they’ve cleaned up the browse.

Lambing season began in early March. This year's crop have all been pre-sold. We already have many reservations for breeding lambs for 2020 so if you've been thinking of adding Crannog Scottish Blackface sheep to your flock, please Contact Us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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As of November 2019 we are all sold out of ewe lambs for 2020 season. Thank you to all our customers. We will only have very limited numbers of ram lambs available in 2020 so please reserve early. All lambs must be picked up prior to 1st August 2020. No adults available. Thank you for your interest - check back in 2021.

Prices for 2020 are as follows (breeding stock): Ewe lambs up to 6 months old - $500. Ram lambs up to 6 months old - $550. All animals are sold as Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association registered through Canadian Livestock Records Corporation. Deposits of 50% are required to reserve sheep/lambs. Deposits are non-refundable should you change your mind or go elsewhere.